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Docode free: works without plagiarism

docode free

Docode Free checks your digital documents against web repositories or user repositories to ensure that all content you create or provide is original.

This protects the integrity of your work and the work of your employees.

How it works?

Automate the detection of plagiarism in your documents, saving up to 95% of the time it takes to manually search through millions of plagiarism sources.

As a result of the search, you will receive a list of matches and their exact location in each document.

Automate the detection of plagiarism in your documents, saving up to 95% of the time spent manually searching through millions of plagiarism sources.

Docode compares your digital documents to web repositories or custom repositories. Make sure all content you create or post is original.

Protecting the integrity of your work and that of your employees.


Functions docode free

First, it provides you with a plagiarism indicator.

It also adapts to multiple formats.

The institutional account has a feature that allows you to make a user an administrator, which will create more users that can use Docode.

Although it is a free anti-plagiarism software, it is faster and more efficient. Created by a group of American process engineers in Chile, Docode is also an anti-plagiarism software in Spanish.


Docode free and avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism is very common in university papers.

However, universities have clear sanctions for plagiarism in their policies, both in essays and articles.

These can range from getting a minimum grade, to being kicked out of a course in which they were found guilty of cheating, to being suspended or expelled.

Docode also gives advice on how to properly cite and write an academic report. Thus, students are encouraged to create original texts with paragraphs from real sources.

Plagiarism, according to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Language, is “significant copying of the work of others, passing off as one’s own”.

The simplest form of plagiarism is copying and pasting a document or page found on the Internet into a new document and presenting it as one’s own. That is, to give out as if you wrote it yourself.

However, it is important to note that plagiarism can occur in other contexts as well. Like, for example, incorrect use of quotation marks.

In this case, the document, which may have a lot of source text, contains parts of other documents but does not follow the correct citation pattern.

That is, it was not specified that part of the text was not written by him.



docode free



Docode Free: avoid plagiarism in your work.

It is important that we learn not to plagiarize, because in the long run it harms our training and qualifications, makes us less professional.

It teaches us a path that impoverishes us, makes us less capable, creative, innovative.

If it were the other way around, we wouldn’t want our work to be taken advantage of.

Using someone else’s work is a selfish act.

It may also result in criminal liability or academic sanctions.

The same technologies used for simple copying can detect plagiarism.

That is why we must use, respect and recognize that sources make us more competent, autonomous, free and valuable.

We need to know that information created by others is their intellectual property.

This is so, regardless of the cost of access to it, free or paid.

First of all, this happens regardless of the cost of access (free or paid). The form or medium on which the content is recorded (online, print, etc.).

Also about the physical medium of the content of the document, if any (own, borrowed from a friend, from a library, etc.).

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