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Plagium free

Plagium Free is a service owned by Septet Systems Inc.

It is a company dedicated to developing innovative information discovery solutions for end consumers, companies, governments, scientists and the health sector.

Most of our work is based on the TX Miner engine owned by Septet Systems Inc.

Use advanced search technology to navigate to documents on the public Internet or private repositories.

The founding team of Septet Systems Inc. brings together decades of person-years in the US and Europe in knowledge management and search technologies.

Septeto Systems Inc., based in New York. There is a European office in France.


How to use Plagium for free?

The plugin is very easy to use.

Copy and paste the text from your document into the Plagium text box. Click the «Quick Search» or «Deep Search» button.

Wait a bit, from seconds to minutes, while Plagium scans the Internet for matches to your text.


How does plagiarism work?

Plagium uses a proprietary technique that intelligently splits entered text into small «chunks».

These snippets are effectively compared to web content, marking matches to determine which documents match the source text.

To avoid this, you must:

First, use synonyms for all non-generic words to paraphrase sentences.

Second, play with the verbs.

For example, you can change sentences from active voice to passive voice.

Third, change the structure of the words, sentences, or paragraphs.

As a conclusion, we will tell you that it is important to summarize sentences and paragraphs using connectors to connect them.

Also, when using a direct quote from the author, it is important to use quotation marks and include the page number of the article.

In short, even if you rely on other authors, you must use your own words to explain the ideas that others have formulated.


Plagium free


How to know if the text is being copied for free with a free plagiarism?

This can be found out in a simple way: take a sentence from the text, copy it and paste it into the Google search engine, but between quotes.

This forces the system to search the Internet for that exact, verbatim phrase. If the texts appear with this phrase, you will be able to detect plagiarism.


How Free Plagiarism Works

First, to search for accidental plagiarism, simply paste the text into the text field and click «Quick Find».

If you’re a regular user, sign up for a free Plagium account here to purchase search credits and access many of Plagium’s features.

For deep search: offers levels of plagiarism investigation and additional information. You must sign up here for a Plagium account.

It also allows you to verify files: if you have a Microsoft Word document, PDF or text file, just upload the file.

In addition, plagium generates a report on the reuse of your text. file comparison. File Comparison: Plagium can help you compare text documents.

Plagium reports show the differences in a visual format that is easy to understand and manage.

Google Docs Addon: Google Docs document analysis with Plagium. Learn about other great Plagium features: Institutional Accounts or the Plagium API.

What does anti-plagiarism mean?

Anti-plagiarism tools work by looking for matches or similarities to text presented to you in databases, magazines, and all over the Internet.

From this, an originality report is formed, that is, a report that reflects the percentage of similarity of the text with other sources.

For a random free plagiarism search, simply paste your text into the text box above and click »

If you’re a regular user, sign up here to get a Plagium account and buy Search Credits to get access to many of Plagium’s new features.

Deep Search: Provides additional levels of plagiarism search and additional browsing tools. You need to register a Plagium account to use this.

File upload. If you have a Microsoft Word file, PDF, or your own text file, just upload the file.

Plagium will then generate a report on possible text reuse. Compare downloaded files.

File Comparison: Plagium can help you compare text documents.

Plagium reports show differences in a visual format that is easy to understand and manage.

Do you need help with Free Plagium?

Currently, most students are not familiar with these plagiarism prevention programs.

In fact, in many cases, when they start their research work, they are not even aware of its existence.

Most of them think that creating a research paper is copy and paste.

For this reason, there are services such as University Help, a team of professionals from different fields that can help you in this regard.

Contact us and a specialist in your field will advise you on how to approach your research work.

But not only in plagiarism, but they can also advise you on the choice of a topic, writing method, goal setting…

We can also structure your work so that we are not plagiarized.

Do not let this be a problem for you to be successful in your academic life.


Check out other great Plagium Free features

Institutional Accounts or Plagium API.

If schools want to convince their students of the seriousness of the crime of plagiarism, they can start by explaining the history of the word. P

lagiarism (and plagiarism) comes from the Latin plagiarius «stealer».

This word, derived from the Latin word for plague (meaning a net used by hunters to catch animals), expanded its Latin meaning to include a person who stole words, not children, from another.

When plagiarius first entered the English language in the form plagiary, it retained its original reference to kidnapping, a sense that is now completely obsolete.


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Use our anti-plagiarism system to approve your work. Check the originality of the document by clicking the button at the top of the page. It is time to pass with a good grade and without plagiarism.